My goal was to learn the basics of English, including grammar and vocabulary. Gen helped me develop my reading skills and patiently supported me in improving my pronunciation. I now use English for simple conversations and I am looking forward to further developing my language skills. I feel my time learning English online was very well spent.

Mihai, Romania

I became Gen’s student seven years ago. In addition, I had over 25 of my students study with her, on average for one to two years. They were very satisfied with her efforts and with the effective feedback she gives to her students.

Gen is extremely knowledgeable, fair, good humoured, and witty. She can manage to adapt to a wide variety of student profiles. If sometimes students are in a bad mood, she also has the ability to entertain her students. She can sing for them and she can change the atmosphere easily in a witty way.

She also gave me a lot of excellent professional ideas for running my English Academy.

Chris, English Academy Owner, Korea

I had studied English before, but I was not confident enough for leading a conversation. My teacher had long conversations with me. She also corrected and helped me improve my grammar and went a long way covering my personal needs.

The discussions were always pleasant and interesting. I learned new words and my fear of talking dissipated quite quickly. Now I have more confidence for speaking, so I can enjoy English conversations with my friends.

Waltraud, Switzerland