Studying English online is fast, efficient and convenient with expert teachers to help you every step of the way.

Our method of English online teaching has proven to be highly effective and efficient. It conveniently operates anytime and offers personalized face-to-face learning you will not find in any classroom environment.

Students learning online are able to absorb and apply their English studies far more quickly than in conventional forms of classroom training. Due to the one-on-one interaction, teachers are also able to assess their students’ capabilities more effectively and can successfully address those areas that require more work immediately, resulting in fast improvements in the students’ English proficiency. The student enjoys the teacher’s undivided attention for the duration of the lesson.

It is a simple, effective and convenient online learning system. A student only needs a computer, headphones and a microphone, as well as downloading and installing Skype, a free application that provides video chat and voice call services. The students’ personalized classes with their teachers make English an easy language to learn. Our method of teaching English online is intensive, effective, and offers flexibility of the time schedule in the comfort of your own home or office.


Learning materials: Before every class, the teacher will send the student material to be used during the lesson. This may include course books, worksheets, songs and the like.

Reading: Students will be asked to read books written by contemporary British and American authors or newspaper clippings and other news material which will be discussed with their teachers to improve reading skills.

Listening: Students will be asked to listen to short dialogues and music, and watch video clips to help them develop their listening comprehension skills in English.

Writing: In order to develop and improve writing skills, Online English Plus has designed various teaching methods, depending on the student’s requirements, to deal with this important aspect of English studies. Additionally, students will be asked to write compositions and essays, as well as everyday letters and messages in English. In studying Business English, emphasis is placed on composing various types of business correspondence and documentation, as well as on composing emails written to an imaginary business partner or writing company reports on the sales development.

Speaking: Our main objective here is to instruct students on how to communicate fluently in English. This teaching method will take the form of debates and film discussions etc.


Typical Online English Plus students learn in order to advance their careers or to travel. They also want to pass specific exams or improve their school results. They are self-motivated and want to improve their spoken English.


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Do you have any questions about Online English Plus? Our FAQ page has answers to some common queries about our courses and study options.

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