Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? No worry.
Here are some of general questions that may clear your queries.

What Software is Used for the Lessons?

We use the free Skype software. It is easy, you may download it from and create an account.

Can I Enroll at Anytime?

Yes, you can. Just pay for your preferred package through the payment options we provided.

How Soon Can I Start My Class After Registration?

You can start after the confirmation of your payment. You will normally schedule the lessons directly with your teacher. If you prefer, you can be contacted by one of our partners speaking German, French, Italian or Spanish to discuss and agree on the schedule.

What Kind of Materials Does Your School Provide for Learning?

We have various kinds of English textbooks for each level. Once evaluation is done, your teacher will share with you the necessary material. You may also suggest what kind of material you would prefer to use. We can also use your own manuals if you provide us with a copy in advance.

How Will the Lessons Benefit me if I am Already an Advanced English Student?

Our programs are personalized to suit your specific needs. You can get one of our specialized classes which are focused on the needs of advanced students of English.

Do I Have to Complete the Lessons in a Specific Period of Time?

You will pay for a package of lessons. Each package of lessons can be completed within 6 months after purchase. If you want to improve your level of English within a reasonable time, we recommend our students to take at least three lessons every week.

Do I Get a Referral Fee if I Refer Some Students?

Yes, you do. Each referral gives you the right to three free lessons, once the referred person pays for the first package.

How Do I Cancel a Class if I am Sick? Will I be able to Reschedule it?

You have two options for canceling or rescheduling a lesson:
1. Send a mail directly to your teacher by mail, cc: to with the subject ‘Cancellation’ at least 24 h in advance
2. Alternatively, you can send a Skype message to your teacher and to onlineenglishplus at least 24 h in advance

Whom should I contact if my teacher is offline or if there is a technical problem with the Internet access?

Email us at or send a Skype message to onlineenglishplus and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Can I switch to another Teacher?

If for any reason you would like to switch to another teacher, please contact us at We might discuss your request with you in order to make sure your next teacher fits your needs. We advise to change teachers only after you complete a package unless there are compelling reasons to do so urgently.

Can I have lessons via my mobile phone?

Lessons via your mobile phone can be arranged at an additional cost. Please contact us at for setting it up.