Our English curriculum caters for everyone, and all levels of competency – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Our courses are specifically designed to meet your requirements and your needs in English literacy.


English for Children

These specially designed lessons focus on the requirements of children (approximately ages 6 – 12) with limited or no previous knowledge of English, as well as children developing their already existing English language skills.

English for Beginners

This intensive course is designed to give adult students a basic comprehension of conversational English and the confidence to apply it when meeting people.

Intermediate English

This course further develops the written and spoken language abilities of students who have already acquired some English skills.

Advanced English

We offer this course to those students who already have a good understanding of the English language. Our focus here is on improving grammar and sentence structure to an advanced level of English comprehension, conversation, listening and writing skills. Students in this level can naturally think and speak in English. English simply becomes part of their daily world.

Swiss School Curriculum

We are teaching the complete Swiss school English curriculum, including coaching and support for homework, exam preparation, improvement in listening, conversation, writing skills, and grammar. Due to our partnership with teachers in Switzerland, we are trained in the requirements of the Swiss system and can use the student’s manuals to offer effective support.

European School Curriculum

We are able to teach any European school English curriculum, including coaching and support for homework, exam preparation, improvement in listening, conversation, writing skills, and grammar. We have experience with students in various countries and if needed can adapt to any manual or country-specific requirement in order to offer effective support.


Business English

This course targets those people who use English in business in everyday life. The course teaches a range of skills that people require in a daily working environment such as negotiating deals or giving client presentations.

Preparation for TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language)

This standardized test is designed to aid those people who are preparing to study in prestigious English schools abroad, and who need help in achieving that goal. Our intensive one-on-one lessons provide students with the necessary skills to reach the highest English standard of communication.

Preparation for IELTS(International English Language Testing System)

This course is of great benefit to those people seeking an international education in English. It is specifically designed to help those people who intend to study or work in an environment where English is the language of communication. Our teachers will assist students not only to improve their language ability, but also to prepare for the all-important IELTS test.

Preparation for TOEIC(Test of English for International Communication)

This course offers the necessary English instruction required for those people seeking a job, a promotion or a career change in the English speaking world. This short but intensive one-on-one program is again designed specifically to achieve the highest possible scores for our students, and give them a solid foundation in the English language.


My goal was to learn the basics of English, including grammar and vocabulary. Gen helped me develop my reading skills and patiently supported me in improving my pronunciation. I now use English for simple conversations and I am looking forward to further developing my language skills. I feel my time learning English online was very well spent.

Mihai, Romania


Do you have any questions about Online English Plus? Our FAQ page has answers to some common queries about our courses and study options.

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