Every now and then, we meet and attract people from every walk of life and one of the beliefs that I always hold on to is that the only way to stand out is being different. And then, you might ask, “How is it to be different?” Unless you know you are one, you will never know how amazing you can be.

Why Learning English is Important

Why Learning English is Important

In this world where global competition is highly felt, English makes a difference. It is considered the international language and so it makes a big difference that people learn a second language at different stages of
their lives. The better you communicate in English, the more and better opportunities life has to offer you.

However, many people believe that it is a difficult language to learn. I disagree but what is easy in life, anyway? Ever heard of the poem “Grammar in a Nutshell”? When it comes to learning English, it has always been my
favorite. It starts from the three little words you often see: the articles a, an, and the. Then, you will encounter nouns which are names of anything or anyone like George. While adjectives can tell how beautiful, great or small a thing is, pronouns stand instead of nouns. Then, comes the prepositions, the verbs, the adverbs and so on. It’s fun to learn the nine parts of speech, which reading, writing, and speaking teach.

That’s just a start and once you possess excellent skills in English, it does not seem to matter anymore where you come from. What becomes more important is where you are heading in life to. Well, we never know what the
future brings, it is a sure thing though that English plays a vital role in this life. In fact, plenty have come to think that it is not to be considered a special skill anymore. It should be a basic skill to possess. Wherever life would take you, may it be in the corporate world or in technology, relocating in another country either for a job opportunity or for love and marriage, English is truly important. It makes life quite easy to get by each and every day. But, even though it may be hard at times, your time and dedication will make you reap the fruit of your labor sooner rather than later.

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