About Us

Online English Plus prides itself with its experienced teachers who can provide excellent support for students of all age groups and competency levels.

Our founding team comes from a diverse range of backgrounds, including business consulting, language teaching, language school administration, and technology consulting. The leading idea is to offer to students all over Europe the same benefits enjoyed by Asian English students for years – access to one-on-one high quality affordable English training. We aim to become the premier provider for addressing the needs of European online English students, adapting our training to their particular needs and requirements.

We distinguish ourselves through our unique combination of longstanding experience in teaching English in Swiss schools, as well as through our network of highly professional English teachers in the Philippines. We are able to offer trainings specifically tailored for the needs of Swiss, German and French students, employing their curricula and manuals for topics such as exam preparation or general language skills development.

Our English teachers have extensive experience teaching in secondary schools in the Philippines, where the language plays a vital part in everyday life. The Philippine education system has been using English as a medium of instruction from elementary to university level for decades. It is a tool for learning and a medium of communication.